Andre Genest Headshot

Andre Genest, CPA

Partner, Equity Analyst



Born and raised in a quaint town just outside of Ottawa, Andre’s entrepreneurial journey commenced at the tender age of 11. His mother, recognizing his budding entrepreneurial spirit, signed him up to distribute Sears magazines in the neighborhood, sparking the flame that would define his future.

At 18, Andre’s path took an unexpected turn when he decided to drop out of an engineering degree to dive headfirst into a direct sales marketing business. This venture, while initially met with enthusiasm, led to his first business failure, accompanied by a wealth of invaluable lessons. Undeterred, Andre returned to complete his academics, emerging from Algonquin College with an Advanced Business Diploma, specializing in Accounting. His thirst for knowledge propelled him to Nipissing University, where he graduated with Honours in Business Administration, majoring in Finance & Accounting. Andre’s commitment and academic prowess were duly recognized when he was awarded the 2016 CPA scholarship for outstanding performance upon graduation.

From 2016 to 2022, Andre dedicated himself to the accounting industry, navigating various roles in volunteer positions, as well as in both small and large firms. In 2020, he achieved a significant milestone, being admitted to membership and receiving his CPA designation. The subsequent year saw Andre’s continuous dedication to professional growth as he completed the Canadian Securities Course, obtaining his IIROC license in 2021.

As a partner at OPES Family Advisory, Andre’s rich professional background contributes to the unique tapestry of experiences within the team. His diverse journey, from a small town near Ottawa to his current role as a partner at OPES Family Advisory, reflects resilience, a passion for learning, and an unwavering commitment to simplifying the financial landscape for clients.

Andre’s role as a partner underscores his dedication to OPES Family Advisory’s mission of providing premier wealth management services, leveraging a collective wealth of backgrounds and experiences within the team.

Outside the realm of finance and business, Andre finds solace and joy in the vibrant Ottawa neighborhood of Westboro, where he resides with his wife and two young children. Living amidst the lively streets and welcoming community of Westboro, Andre not only thrives in his professional pursuits but also cherishes the moments of family life. In the midst of navigating the intricate world of finance, Andre’s grounding in family, community, and an active lifestyle reflects a holistic approach to life—one that mirrors the ethos of OPES Family Advisory.