Redefining Wealth: Beyond Money

Wealth, abundance. (Figuratively) support, strength, or aid; a foundation of prosperity or well-being.

Who we are

Wealth beyond finances

OPES Family Advisory, “Simplifying the complex”

We continually strive to be the premier Wealth Management provider to our clients. Through our unique wealth management process, we provide our clients with the intellectual framework to make sound financial decisions. We continually work to provide our clients with unparalleled personal service and Peace of Mind to allow them to Dream, Plan and Prosper.

What we do

Unified financial advising

Discretionary Investment Management

Advanced Retirement Planning

Comprehensive Tax Planning

Will & Estate Planning

Family Advisory Services

Who we help

A client-centric approach

Successful individuals and families who are serious about their future looking for a bespoke approach to their investment and retirement planning.

How we work

Your personal wealth management strategy

Our clients are seeking a comprehensive and personalized financial support that aligns with their family’s vision of the future. They have often faced frustration with traditional financial institutions and advisors, as the conversations revolve around justifying a sale rather than aligning with the client’s objectives.

Our approach is different. We believe that planning is an ongoing and durable process that helps our clients achieve their goals. Our offering includes interactive planning and regular scheduled reviews, encompassing all aspects of the balance sheet, not just the assets managed in our portfolios. Instead of a person at a counter, our clients get access to a team of experienced advisors and associates, each with their own area of expertise.

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