Redefining wealth management

At OPES Family Advisory, we’re redefining wealth beyond money. Our name, “OPES,” is derived from the Latin word for wealth, riches, or material abundance. It signifies not only financial prosperity but also the support, strength, and foundation of well-being.

Our belief

We believe that true wealth is measured not only in how one spends their money but also in how one spends their time. Our team is fortunate to work with a group of clients, their families, and businesses who share this belief. They look to us for more than just financial advice; they seek a comprehensive plan and peace of mind.

Your path

At OPES Family Advisory, we believe that every client deserves an executive-level financial experience. Our approach to wealth management is crafted to meet the standards of the executive suite, offering a premium, personalized service to each individual, family, and business we serve. You are not just a number in a portfolio; you are a valued client with unique aspirations and financial landscapes.

Our approach

In every engagement, our goal is to provide you with the elite service you deserve. Whether you are growing your affluence, orchestrating a seamless retirement, or securing your family’s legacy, OPES Family Advisory is your exclusive guide to financial excellence, tailored to meet the exacting standards of executive wealth.